About Us

Pottery Cafe was founded by Sunshine Management Group based in Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.

Pottery Cafe chose to combine a diverse menu, superb service, as well as a friendly atmosphere for friends to meet up and have a new dining experience.

Pottery Cafe was established in 2002 and quickly grew into a favorite Cairo landmark. The restaurant has a branch in almost every district in the city, with a loyal following that is constantly growing.

Pottery Cafe has expanded with 12 locations across Egypt and is still growing. Every branch of Pottery Cafe embodies a passion for quality products and customer service as the core foundations to its success.

Pottery Cafe offers an extensive food and beverage menu; from healthy breakfasts (including the famous Istibahit Pottery) to gourmet sandwiches and rich meals prepared with the highest quality ingredients.

Pottery Cafe also serves the Neapolitan espresso brand Kimbo in all branches.
Shisha is also a perfected Pottery Cafe favorite and is served in all branches, with the signature Pottery Shisha flavor as a popular variant. To ensure the best dining experience, our staff consistently provides customers with impeccable service by demonstrating graciousness, efficiency, professionalism and integrity.